Elvie, the bat girl.....er... angel

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nope, I haven't disappeared....

I've had my house on the market since Thanksgiving, and it's been one fiasco after another. I feel that our selling agent(s) got us to sign a contract, and then basically said "so long, suckers" because they haven't spent a dollar on advertising nor have they made an effort to show the house, and we've had quite a few people come to look at it. I guess lock boxes are the way of the future--you can show a house without ever having to get off your arse.

As far as dollies, I'm slowly moving back to sculpting more "artsy" things. Halloween was promising, I had a very good fall season--but two of my best customers seemed to have gone rotten, leaving no feedback and refusing to respond to my emails. I have no idea what I did. I've always gotten praise from repeat customers, so I don't think they're disappointed in my work. I always package my dolls securely and always throw in a gift (which, in my three years selling dolls online, only one buyer has acknowledged).

So, back to sculpting, I've decided finally to do things I want to do and not things I think people will buy. I'm focusing on getting published (my art and my writing), and really have no desire to sell on ebay, especially with the ridiculous changes--for instance, we can no longer leave negative feedback for deadbeat buyers; the idiots will be out in full force now! Hopefully my disgust with ebay won't get me kicked out of Pfattland, cause I'd hate to be floating through the art abyss by myself again...it's nice to know you have a home, even if you're hardly ever there. We'll see what happens.