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Friday, August 24, 2007

Can't have a blog without a blog banner, right?

Psyched about Halloween in spite of it all...

Yes, I'm once again feeling sorry for myself from a business standpoint. The market is so fickle sometimes.

I'm working on some Halloween and fall-inspired dolls that, IMHO are my best work in a long time. Seriously thinking about doing Halloween year-round. Also seriously hoping Will is going to update my website, so I can sell my dolls there and on Pfatt Marketplace. Ebay almost always leaves me jaded, and I feel I end up paying an average of $5 each time I list a doll just so people can add it to their watch list. I wish ebay would let a seller view who the watchers are ;) ::snicker::

I'm working on a witch set that so far I'm really happy with, and I'll be sad to see it go... if it goes...bad Meg, be strong! And I created a miniature version of my usual pattern (miniature in my world is about 18", which is normal size to lots of people--power to the girls who can make round-headed dolls smaller than that). What folks don't seem to know or care about is that bigger doll=more material=more $$ to make, so I might do some little-er ones and hopefully not feel so bad if they sell for a song.

Off to spin new dolly ideas.....

Monday, August 20, 2007


A lot of friends and family say that my animal dollies are my strong suit whether they're cats, leaping rabbits, goats, horses or bears....oh, and I made a really nice seal once. Need to see where that pattern is.

This is Purrity the pilgrim kitty. I'm very happy with her. Some of my previous efforts really bombed, but she's given me reason to believe in my abilities again.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

double, double, toil and trouble...

So here's the grisly truth about dolls--they go through headless and body-less periods. And yes, I always impale my heads on a knitting needle :)

The first witch (going to be a set) of the year

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fall is coming...

and so are new dolls. I nearly gave up this summer. Like other dollmakers I've spoken to, I've had my share of difficult customers in the past; but a regular customer ignoring my invoices for a custom order was the real deal-breaker. I feel bad for the doll and wonder if she knows she's been rejected. Well, she hasn't been rejected; her would-be buyer just chose to spend her $$ on other stuff (note to deadbeats: we do check your feedback and auctions you are currently bidding on). I've moved on, though. But I do believe in karma.

A sudden wind of inspiration pushed me back on track and I'm once again dreaming of dollies. While I'm on my soapbox, I'd like to say thank-you-beyond-imagination to the collectors of not just my dolls, but every folk artist's work who has respected his/her work and realized that a person, not a robot made it. To all the jerks who have tried and/or succeeded to devalue our work, my grandma is going to slap you in back of the head in the sweet hereafter :)

There; I'm stepping down. The Crow is back. And she's no longer taking custom orders ;)

Monday, August 13, 2007

And we're off and running

If I said I'd never blogged before, I would be lying. I tried. And then I gave up. But, I talked myself into keeping up with the Joneses, so Patterson Crow has yet another website, another url to hold in her claws.

If you're familiar with my dolls and came here to poke around and possibly find out more about the abnormal genius behind every PCrow doll, welcome! :) If you've just stumbled upon me and think you might like to see more, please give these sites a try:

Happy Dollmaking and Happy Doll Collecting,
Cheers and all the best,