Elvie, the bat girl.....er... angel

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Emily--the last weird sister

...and last Halloween doll of the season (I'll probably be itching to do more come February)

Friday, October 5, 2007

another studio view

I've been neglecting my fabric dolls to sculpt these little nasties--a few of whom could use some help from an orthodontist. I'm putting together a new collection, shhhhh, don't tell anyone yet. The skull is going to be part of a 2-doll set--the other doll being my favorite artist ever, you know, the one with the unibrow :) I've wanted to create one for a long time--finally mustered up the cojones to do it!

note to Nutmeg: the goblins said they're coming to your brain next--got paperclay? : )

oh! that's Christy's (CC's) peep hamming it up in the background.

took this guy home from work

I couldn't leave him in the parking lot--someone would run him over, pull him apart or eat him on a dare (lots of teenagers hang out in the plaza). So I took him inside and punched a box full of holes while my co-workers freaked out as he climbed up my apron. Needless to say he did not like the box; though he started eating it. I put him in my crazy trumpet flower vine and he gladly reached out for the leaves, turning to me as if to say "Dude, this is great," before he went on his merry way.