Elvie, the bat girl.....er... angel

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bailey the Bat Cat is available!

I'm going to try selling a few dolls here and there directly from my blog--it will act as my storefront until my website is finished (it's getting there--I made buttons and thumbnails and everything hehe). A fellow folk artist gave me the idea (great Megs think alike).

So here's Bailey the Bat Cat--she really is a cat, but her ears are so far apart she kinda looks like a bat, i.e. she's really cute :) She also comes with her own vintage looking black cat lantern. With her party hat, she's 28" tall and has a 14" wingspan. She's way too darn cute....and I never say cute! Bailey's adoption fee is $155 plus shipping. If you're interested in giving a home to this party animal just drop me a line--and click on the slideshow to see the full-sized photos :)

Off to enjoy some crisp September air...aaaahhhh :)


Soft in the Head said...

Hey Meg....I read down below that you were thinking about doing Halloween 24/7....There is a new site www.YeOldHagsHaunt.com that just started up and I think it is going to take off! They only want ooak work and it has to be Halloween. If you are interested contact them and tell them I sent ya. I'm on it as kind of an outlet for my Halloween addiction, lol.......Pam

Mica said...

So awesome I love your Kitty !! I love the photobucket slide show too. can I use that??